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Meyn, Ion

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Ion Meyn teaches Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Wrongful Convictions, Race and the Law, and Trial Advocacy.

His scholarship examines race and class-based disparities that inform differences between civil and criminal procedure. Most recently, his research seeks to unsettle assumptions concerning the regulation of use of force in policing. His work appears (or is forthcoming) in the Fordham Law Review, William & Mary Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, Arizona Law Review, Brooklyn Law Review, and the American Journal of Criminal Law.

He serves as the Reporter for the American Bar Association's Task Force on Diversion Standards. He also serves as Co-Chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section's Academic Committee. On behalf of the ABA, he served as an observer of the trial against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri in Guantanamo.

Professor Meyn clerked at the district court for Sixth Circuit Judge Bernice Donald. He also interned for California Supreme Court Justice Ming Chin.

He has contributed to public discussions on crime and policing, appearing on CNN, NPR, Bloomberg, Fox6 News, and Wisconsin Public Radio, writing for NBC, and being quoted in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, USA Today and the Associated Press.

Previously, he litigated business and election law disputes in California, worked on behalf of the Wisconsin State Public Defender, and served as a supervising attorney at the Wisconsin Innocence Project, where he led teams that secured exonerations in homicide cases.

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  • Ion Meyn participated in the closing plenary, "Confronting Our History: The Role of Race in the Criminallegal System," at the ABA's Criminal Justice Section's 2020 Fall Institute. The session was moderated by 6th Circuit Judge Bernice Donald and included Federal District Judge Carlton Reeves, ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jeffery Robinson, and Professors Angela Davis and Barbara Creel. Meyn's talk was titled, "Constructing Separate and Unequal Courtrooms."

  • Ion Meyn co-organized the American Bar Association workshopping conference, "Big Data and Equal Protection," which took place in November. Fifty criminal law scholars participated in the event, including keynote speaker Dean L. Song Richardson of UC Irvine Law School. The AALS Criminal Justice Section and the Academy for Justice Center at Arizona State University were event partners.

  • Ion Meyn's article, "The 'Haves' of Procedure," was published in William & Mary Law Review in April.

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