Happy New Year! Welcome Back!

With the (early) start of classes, we are all hearing the same greetings and answering the same questions. How was your break? Have you gotten your grades yet? What classes are you taking? Are you ready for the new semester?

While your answers may vary, one thing remains a constant: The Law Library is here to help! While I hope that by now you know of the most obvious ways that we can help you, here are five possibly lesser-known ways we are here to support your spring semester:

1. Sure we have books you can check out but did you know that we have a lot more than that? You can check out standing desks, phone charging cables, back pillows, frisbees (wait unil April), and ping-pong paddles? Law School can be tough - let us provide some methods for relieving stress and staying mindful! All it takes is a library card.

2. Speaking of mindfulness, did you know that the Law Library has an entire collection of wellness books? It's located on the shelf with our new books on the fifth floor (the wellness books have green stickers on the spine). But why wait to peruse our collection when you can review our guide to wellness books right here? The collection continues to grow, so check it out and find the right balance to succeed!

3. In yet another wonderful segue, did you know the library also has a guide to Study Aids? We keep all of our newest Study Aids behind the Circulation Desk for easy access - this guide will help you suss out the ones that will give you a leg up in your classes. Again, we are always getting new editions of study aids so keep on checking on what we have - our just ask a librarian!

4. What if, heaven forbid, we don't own a book that you think we should have? We want to hear from you! Just use this purchase recommendation form to suggest a book - the more detailed, the better! We strive to maintain one of the most comprehensive legal research collections in the US and if we missed something important, we need to know about it! While we try to purchase as much as we can, remember that your recommendation is just that - a recommendation. We'll do our best! Speaking of which, we also have a suggestion box in our copy center or available here on our website - tell us how we are doing and how we can get better.

5. The Law Library does not just oversee information in book form. Instead, we are also the ones who purchase and oversee all those wonderful databases that you will be using to write your briefs, finish your research papers and study for finals. If you want some help navigating your way through HeinOnline, Books Unbound, Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg or any other of the absurd number of databases on our list, just ask!

Super Bonus tip: That library card of yours works in any library on campus. If you find yourself studying at another library, you can still check out books - even better, you can return them here and we'll ship them back from whence they came! Our goal is a simple one - to help you locate the information you need and help you improve your research skills. Come and test our knowledge!

On behalf of the Law Library staff, let me extend one more wintry platitude to you - stay warm and good luck! We're here to help as we make our way towards that May graduation date. Happy Researching!

Submitted by Kristopher Turner on January 15, 2020

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