Want to find examples of publicly filed agreements or contracts?  A database that makes it easy to locate examples is Bloomberg Law's Transactional Precendent Database.  To find examples go to the law library's home page, select the databases tab, select Top Databases, then select: Bloomberg Law:  Once in Bloomberg Law, select browse, or the bars at the top left of the page, when the menu box opens on your left, scroll to Bloomberg Law's Transactional Intelligence Center.    Under the menu labeled Drafting Tools, select Search Precedent Database.  Use the drop down menu bars to set up a search.  On the left-hand side of the panel you can refine your search by date, topic, governing laws and so on by using the filters.  Looking for a transactional toolkit? Bloomberg Law has several toolkits under Practioner's Tools.  Select Practioner's Tools from the browse menu, then scroll to the topic.  For example, the Corporate Governance Tool Kit these forms in their Governance Action Policies Menu Box:

Ther are also subheadings for Pro Bono, Ethics of In-House Counsel, Priviledge and Select Commerical Agreements. 
For more information on Bloomberg Law Precedent search features, see:Precedent Document and Clause Search  For additional help you can watch a brief tutorial on how to use Bloomberg Law Precedent Database.  

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on January 30, 2020

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