Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Economic Regulation


Davis, Kenneth

Course Data

Room 3250
TR 11:00am-12:20pm

Pass/Fail: Yes

Credit Rule: 60

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Course Description

This course will familiarize law students with the basic concepts of corporate finance and explore how they relate to a variety of legal issues. A working knowledge of finance is important for any lawyer specializing in corporate, tax, commercial or bankruptcy law - whether as a litigator, counselor or transactional lawyer. Finance-based issues may also arise in a variety of other everyday contexts. For example, an estate plan or divorce settlement may hinge on the value placed on a family business; disputes may often arise over how corporate assets or cash flow are to be divided among different types of claimants; and a personal injury settlement may be structured in terms of a series of future payments, the value of which is dependent upon which financial assumptions and theories the parties adopt. Business Organizations I is strongly encouraged as a prerequisite; but prior coursework or other experience in accounting or finance is neither required nor expected. By the same token, inasmuch as this is a Law School course, students with backgrounds in accounting or finance should find ample new material and perspectives to build upon their prior knowledge.

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