Categories: Estate Planning/Elder Law

Course Description

Selected Topics in Estate Planning: Financial Planning and Asset Management. This course will be geared towards students who want to know more about asset management, financial planning, and investment products, in order to better assist clients or simply to better understand the financial world. The course will cover such topics as Modern Portfolio Theory, investment products (mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and the like), investment portfolio design, retirement planning, the theory and structure of life insurance products, and the credentialing and compensation of financial advisors.  Case studies will combine multiple themes and illustrate financial planning in practice. Guest lecturers from the business school and community will address their areas of expertise. Some tax issues will be covered, but no prior work in tax will be assumed.

Andrew Seaborg (MS in Finance, Investment & Banking, UW-Madison) is a founding partner of The Capital Group at Lincoln Financial Advisors in Madison, where he focuses on investment portfolio design and advanced estate planning techniques. Before attending graduate school, he worked as a statistical analyst and did Japanese-English translation
work in Tokyo.

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